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About Me

Hey, thanks for being here!

My name is Alexis! I am a Frederick based hair artist and owner of Rex Artistry salon and Rex Artistry Candle Co. I got my start as a stylist in 2015 and hit the ground running. My goal is to ensure that I've created a space where my dream clients can fall in love with their hair again! 

I pride myself in my knowledge and skills during a consultation, my goal during a consultation appointment is to educate my clients on everything they need to know going into their new style. I take the time during the service appointment to share the expectations we've discussed previously and provide all the resources you need to make sure your DREAM hair is being maintained and well taken care of.

Rex Artistry Salon also proudly carries both Olaplex and Fekkai products. Rex Artistry Salon continually holds an Olaplex certification to ensure you're receiving the most up-to-date info on in-salon services and take home products.

During my free time I enjoy making candles, watching the latest Netflix shows with my husband and cuddling with my 2 fur babies, Molly and Ezzy! 

I wanted to share my love for candles and the comfort they provide for me, and thus Rex Artistry Candle Co. was born! I had read an article in 2020 about how our big box candle brands use dangerous materials and there were stories of the product, when being used, caused harm to the consumers fur babies! This same thing happened to a close friend of mine, and it was a terrifying experience for her. I knew that I could create a safe and enjoyable candle. Thats why I choose to use vegan, non-toxic and clean ingredients when making my candles. 


Thanks for getting to know me!

So whats next? You may visit the new client pathway page to select which services best fits your needs!

Talk soon!


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