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About Me

Hey there love!

Welcome to my home away from home! I'm Alexis, born and raised right here in Frederick, MD and proudly serving the Frederick County community!

As someone who enjoys self care, I know exactly how important it is to dedicate time to relax and how exciting it is to pamper yourself with a fresh new color and style! I've created a space that will feel inviting, luxurious and comfortable!

I've been a stylist for 8 years and have never been more in love with what I do! I specialize in Lived-in dimensional color and hair extensions! I take pride in the fact that I travel at least once a year for my continued education about what's trending and how I can transfer those trends into my clients everyday style! 

While most salons offer to give you exactly what you ask for or show them, I see my role as your stylist a little bit differently. I will work WITH you to discuss what you like and dislike and create a curated plan for you and your low-maintenance or high-maintenance lifestyle. I like to think of you and I working as a team!

When i'm not in the salon, I am often found at a local market or event, shopping at local boutiques or at home relaxing and recharging with my amazing husband Brandon and our 2 pups, Molly and Ezzy. I recognize and embody the idea that finding new styles that are trendy, yet comfortable are important to making us feel confident in ourselves! This goes for all things clothes, make-up and hair color and styles as well, I personally like my hair to be easy, yet trendy! That is my goal for you, to be effortlessly YOU!

I have passion for coffee making as well. If I didn't start my career so early, my first job probably would have been a Barista! I love trying new flavors and methods of coffee making at any and all of Frederick's local coffee shops. The day before your appointment you'll be sent a customization form and you'll be able to select a seasonal flavored latte or just a good ole' cup of Joe! 

Now that you've gotten to know me a little more... lets get into the fun stuff!

So whats next? You may visit the service menu page to select which service best fits your needs!

Click here if you're interested in Hair Color Services

Click here if you're interested in Extension Services


Talk soon!


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