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Extension Services

NOTE: All new extension guests are required to fill out the form linked here. This allows me to get a sense of what method is best for your desired result.


Extensions are an amazing way to instantly have the hair of your dreams! I have been certified in two different extension methods; Keratin Fusion and Hand Tied Wefts.

Both are amazing methods, but different. Below is a brief description of each method and a range of pricing.

K-tip extensions

Keratin Fusion

Keratin Fusions are single strands of hair, measuring at about quarter of an inch wide.


The bond at the top of the strand is made of Italian based keratin. The high quality keratin is quite firm, which means these extensions can last in the hair anywhere between 3 - 4 months.


This method is ideal for any hair texture. It can fill in tighter, smaller areas that other systems would not be able to fit. This is perfect for clients who want flexibility in their everyday hairstyles, and clients who want less salon visits.

Three beautiful models showing their hand tied wefts and keratin fusion extensions

Hand Tied Wefts

Hand Tied Wefts are made by ... hand. You might be saying, "Well, what does that mean?!"


 Essentially, the hair is sewn to the thread strand-by-strand, meaning the finished product is thinner, more flexible, and seamless. The wefts of hair usually measure at about 11 inches in width and the method of installation is sewn in over a small bead that is pressed around a section of your hair. 


 The installation usually lasts in the hair up to 8 weeks, the hair itself can last up to 12 months if properly cared for.


This method is great for all hair types. Hand Tied Wefts are ideal for clients who currently do their hair often and are in the salon regularly.


The pricing listed below is packaged, which means these quotes include cost of hair and install!

Keratin Fusion Install Price Range

For Fullness:

$608 - $1,170+

For little fullness and little length: $1,360 - $1,480+

For lots of fullness and lots of length:

 $1,700 - $2,220+

Hand-tied weft Install Price Range:

For fullness:

18": $650

22": $890


For fullness and little length:

18": $1,300

22": $1,390

24": $1,480

For lots of fullness and lots of length:

18": $1,700

22": $1,950

24": $2,200

What's Next? 
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